Monday, January 31, 2005


Balloon twisting: fun for kids of all ages

I saw a clown twisting balloon figures in a market last spring. As always I was curious to find out how it worked and had a look on Google. Nothing beats learning by doing it yourself so I bought a kit at a local party supply shop; La Fabbrica Delle Feste. Their web site leaves a lot to be desired but they have a lot of stuff and are very friendly. They were out of pumps, so I got a used one for close to nothing.

I was surprised to learn that twisting balloons is even simpler than it looks. I was proud of my first attempt at making a dog until I put it down on the floor and had a look at it from a distance:

A dog beast with two tails but no head!

The first attempts were even worse until I learned the trick: you have to lock elements together

I keep my balloon kit hidden and take it out when the kids are stuck inside for some reason. The repertoire is limited to dogs, giraffes (i.e. dogs with long necks :-), swords and  flowers. Let me know if you know of any good web resources where they show to make other figures.

Highly recommended if you have young kids. Great fun for the kids dad.

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