Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Dr. Dobb's Journal

I used to read Dr. Dobb's Journal a lot when I was studying in Norway and later when I worked in Ireland. Only a few newsagents carry it in Italy so I haven't read it regularly in years. Then I noticed the article on CPU Speed that will be published in Dr. Dobb's soon so I decided to try to subscribe to the Dr. Dobb's. The international subscription costs $50 and includes the new "Windows and .NET edition".

I was getting ready to pay when I found a referene to the "Basic Membership" that is free with the magazine subscription. A few minutes later I stumbled upon the real goldmine:
All Access Membership: $19.95 per year (special limited time offer):

  • 12 months of complete Web access to all available past, current and future issues of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Software Development magazine and C/C++ Users Journal. (A $99 Value)

  • 12 months of complete access to BYTE.com including ($19.95 value)

  • 12 months of complete access to BYTE Digest ($18.00 value)

  • PDF E-zines and archives from Dr. Dobb's Journal, The Perl Journal and more! ($19.95 value)

  • Topical CD-ROM ISO Downloads ($19.95 value)

  • Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book, 101 Perl Articles CD-ROM ISO, and more! ($29.95 value)

Some old stuff but a great value for the money. I'm downloading the latest editions now and can't wait to catch up

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