Friday, January 21, 2005


Developers and kittens...

Larry Osterman's kittens run off with keys of his laptop. My cat is a bit more of a wild animal and tried to run of with my leg instead.

It was a warm summer night…
and I had the house to myself. My wife and the kids were off on summer vacation while I was still working as most dads do in Italy. I went back to bachelor's status for a few weeks and read a lot of books and a watched a bunch of movies. The night in question I had chosen the final episode of the Matrix series. I turned of the light and turned up the Dolby Surround as high as only a deserted Milan in August allows. 

Staying in the pillow next to me in the sofa, as she usually does, turned out to be too warm for the cat. I had a fresh beer to keep me cool but she preferred to stay on the cold terra cotta tiles. I was in the middle of a loud sequence when I decided to get some more supplies. I paused the movie and made my way to the kitchen. I walked around the sofa, put my foot down on something fluffy and thought: strange, why did I leave my warm winter slippers on the floor when it's 40+ degrees? That's as far as I got before I heard a miaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuu and felt the wrath of the beast:

She ran one way (out), and I the other (to the disinfectants).

What can I say? Mons is still happily alive and well fed fatter than ever. She was skeptical for a few days but we both got over the episode without permanent damage. I would expect nothing else from the wild "beast" as she's constantly catching lizards, birds, mice and rats half her size. She has brought me some pain (the leg hurt like mad, and she gave birth to the kittens all over my Wired collection), but in the end she's great fun and and had some kick ass kittens. We gave away one male kitten to a colleagues of mine (which shall remain anonymous) that already had a male cat. The freshly neutered kitten is every bit as tough as the mum. It uses any occasion to bite the neck of the much bigger room mate, to get a better grip, while having his way...

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