Thursday, January 13, 2005


poSecrets: free password manager for PC (beta)

The beta release of the PC Edition of my Password Manager is ready.

It took me longer than planned due to vacation, sickness and other, more urgent, projects. The GUI is very simple and identical to the Pocket PC edition. Most of the code is the same. At the moment I am using two solutions pointing to the same source code files. I am not sure if this is the best way to work but it works grand for such a small project. I made the jump this morning and moved my 223 passwords and other 'little secrets' to poSecret.

Main features:

  • AES encryption of the entire file. There is no clear text data and no recovery of the password.

  • Same file format as the Pocket PC version. The file can be synchronized with ActiveSync or transferred via mail, Bluetooth etc

  • Import/export csv/text data (5 columns; category, title, user, password, notes)

  • Auto Type user name and/or password in the currently active window (not available on the Pocket PC for now)

  • No installation required (so you can run it from a USB key)

  • Configurable generation of strong passwords

There are a couple of features I may add in the final release:

  • Add a file association for .secrets

  • Tray icon. Not sure if I want it or not.

  • A decent program icon. I can hardly draw a straight line, far less design icons, so suggestions are welcome.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. All functions can already be reached through the keyboard, but Ctrl + B is faster than Alt + S, A, B

I will implement bug fixes and usability improvements as they are reported. The final versions should be ready in late January.

Download the poSecrets PC beta and let me know what you think via the comments or the contact link.

Requires .NET 1.1 (I may make a 1.0 release if someone wants it)

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