Sunday, January 2, 2005


A trip down memory lane

Hiding the Christmas gifts from the kids I found my oldest working PC at my parents place in a closet. Amazing how technology advances in a few years. The monster below was top of the line when I finished my studies:

It is a 33mhz i386 with TWO 120MB hard disks. My iPaq pictured in front of it is more than 10 faster, has more than 10 times as much memory and twice the permanent storage on its SD card! There is no room for the old PC anymore so I slaughtered the machine and took the only things I still have any use for: the 5 1/4 floppy and the HDs with the 5 1/4 bay containers.

I have no idea if the disks still work but I hope they do.  It would be fun to have a look at my thesis, the first program I wrote for a client and the project I have had the most fun (and problems) with. Wonder if I wrote comments in English from the start or if it is something I picked up along the way.



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