Saturday, October 11, 2008


A Guinness World Record holder at dancing???

We set the new Guinness World record for sirtaki dancing last month. Cool Or What?

I'm notoriously bad at dancing but we managed to break the record in the single attempt we had. The most challenging and surprisingly fun and satisfying team building I've done.



Meet our 2 new family members

I proudly present Cocca & De 
(no, it is not a new fashion brand, but two hens. I guess you have to be Italian to get the names :-)

Sydney, below, gets on with them better than I thought.

I expected to come home to find his mouth full of feathers one day but it didn't take him long to find out that they are more useful alive. As soon as he hears them sing in the morning, he takes off like a rocket to find the eggs. So far he has eaten more eggs than the rest of us...

I don't like the idea of locking in Cocca & De so today I modified the fence around their house so Sydney no longer can get inside. I guess he still gets to eat the eggs of Cocca which has the habit of laying the eggs around in the garden. De, on the other hand, is regular like a Swiss clock and lays an egg inside the house just in time for breakfast.