Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally an anti fog solution for helmets and glasses that works!

I use my motorcycle every single day of the year as long as the roads are not icy which is 360+ days a year in Milan :-)

The only problem I have is that my helmet and glasses fog up when it get's very foggy or cold. I have tried everything, but so far the only thing that has worked is keeping the visor up.  Not fun when it's below zero...

EICMA changed that when I found the stand. I got a sample of their helmet anti fog product which worked very well on my glasses so I ordered a set of their long lasting anti-fog treatment. It worked perfectly today on my helmet visor and glasses. I don't know if it will last the advertised two weeks, but I'm very happy so far.

It really does work as well as the demo video shows: