Thursday, July 28, 2005


Notepad2: a great replacement for notepad

Notepad2 is free and it has replaced notepad on my machines a long time ago. It has some really useful features:

  • Syntax highlighting for html, xml and most programming languages

  • CR+LF vs LF encoding management so there is no problem editing unix files on Windows

  • Auto close XML tags

  • Tons for keyboard shortcuts

The best thing of them all; it is a single .exe that you copy. No need to run any setup. Just copy it on a USB Key and you have it wherever you go!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


U2 Vertigo concert in Milano 2005/07/20

I went to the U2 Vertigo concert in Milano yesterday and loved it!

We arrived at 18 before the support band started and got a decent place. The U2 Vertigo Tour web site has more information  and pictures from the show. 2 1/2 hours of great music by one of the best live band in the world. I can hardly wait for the DVD from the two concerts in Milano which should be out by Christmas.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Free 17 hour self paced ASP.NET course

Microsoft Learning is offering a free 17-hour self-paced online training course on Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications for a limited time.

You can take the course online or download the offline browser and synchronize the chapters you want too read. The course starts with the basics so it is suited for people who are not familiar with developing Web Applications.

Course 2310: Developing Microsoft® ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio® .NET also comes with two e-references (i.e. access to online version of books):

  • Building Web Solutions with ASP.NET and ADO.NET (by Dino Esposito)

  • Microsoft® ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET Version 2003 Step By Step (by G. Andrew Duthie)


Monday, July 18, 2005


ActiveSync fails with error 0x8004010f on Pocket PC

ActiveSync on my Pocket PC failed after a few days on vacation. It gave the following error whenever I tried to synchronize with the Exchange server at work :

Synchronization failed. Try again later.
Error code: 0x8004010f

I had a look when I came back but most of the posts I found were related to corrupted PST or mail boxes. Moving all mails from my inbox to a temp folder did not work. In the end I fixed the problem by:

  • disabling the synchronization with the server in ActiveSync on the PC

  • synchronizing

  • re-enabling the synchronization.

My Pocket PC Inbox is still sick though as it shows: 8 messages, 12 unread...

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Back from vacation

3 weeks camping in Corsica went too fast. There are a lot of nice camping places and the kids just loved it. Had two drops of rain one evening and beautiful sunshine the rest of the time. The beaches on the east cost are as beautiful as the roads on the west are bad

The start of the week will be a real killer at work but my batteries are fully charged so I will find time to write something interesting this week. June was a rich month in experiences and challenges but very poor in terms of blogging. The last days before leaving was busy at work but even more so at home with relatives over for dinner and a birthday party. Organizing and holding a birthday party with 20 kids from the kindergarten kept us busy. This week will be no pick nick either but at least I can look forward to the U2 concert on Wednesday.

We had to leave Sydney and Mons at home. They are both grand and Sydney is definitely growing up. He went crazy with joy when we came back but he is a lot calmer and chews less things to pieces after changing the teeth.