Sunday, July 17, 2005


Back from vacation

3 weeks camping in Corsica went too fast. There are a lot of nice camping places and the kids just loved it. Had two drops of rain one evening and beautiful sunshine the rest of the time. The beaches on the east cost are as beautiful as the roads on the west are bad

The start of the week will be a real killer at work but my batteries are fully charged so I will find time to write something interesting this week. June was a rich month in experiences and challenges but very poor in terms of blogging. The last days before leaving was busy at work but even more so at home with relatives over for dinner and a birthday party. Organizing and holding a birthday party with 20 kids from the kindergarten kept us busy. This week will be no pick nick either but at least I can look forward to the U2 concert on Wednesday.

We had to leave Sydney and Mons at home. They are both grand and Sydney is definitely growing up. He went crazy with joy when we came back but he is a lot calmer and chews less things to pieces after changing the teeth.

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