Monday, July 18, 2005


ActiveSync fails with error 0x8004010f on Pocket PC

ActiveSync on my Pocket PC failed after a few days on vacation. It gave the following error whenever I tried to synchronize with the Exchange server at work :

Synchronization failed. Try again later.
Error code: 0x8004010f

I had a look when I came back but most of the posts I found were related to corrupted PST or mail boxes. Moving all mails from my inbox to a temp folder did not work. In the end I fixed the problem by:

  • disabling the synchronization with the server in ActiveSync on the PC

  • synchronizing

  • re-enabling the synchronization.

My Pocket PC Inbox is still sick though as it shows: 8 messages, 12 unread...


  1. It has happened to me too.

    I fixed it doing the same (it seems to be the only way).

  2. ActiveSync on my Pocket PC failed on 1/22. It gave the following error whenever I tried to synchronize with the Exchange server :

    Synchronization failed. Try again later.

    Error code: 0x8004010f

    I searched the internet using that error code, but the resulting hits related to corrupted PST files or mail box size problems. I finally fixed my problem by:

    Opening ActiveSync on my i730, tools, options, server, uncheck Inbox. This deleted all the e-mails stored on my handheld.

    I synchronized. Calendar and contacts are all that sync'ed - logical.

    I then re-enabled inbox synchronization and performed a sync. It brought back all 197 messages from the past month as well as the 40 file attachments less than 2048k, per my inbox settings.

    It seems to be oaky for now.

  3. Same problem with i730. Occurred just after an Exchange 2003 SP2 upgrade and/or installation of ActiveSync Admin Tool.

  4. Same thing happened to me - O2 Xphone II SmartPhone - the fix described above seemed to sort it out

  5. I had the same problem and none of the above worked

    However this did

    on the pockect PC

    open the my device\windows\activesync folder

    delete the synckey and srvrSync files

    re sync

  6. I have a Qtek 8020 smartphone with the same problem.

    Did what Doug suggested.

    Worked !


  7. My customer had same problem

    I did uncheck inbox in Synclist then Activesync is success.

    check inbox, inbox and resync is success.

    He had a wrong mail message.

    It doen not delete.

    Blank subject message, any action doen't work

  8. Ryan Sr. Network AdminJanuary 18, 2007 at 2:07 PM

    I unchecked in box and resynced and then re checked in box and resynced. Wow I wonder why that happens. I'm glad it happened to me before the General Manager. I have 50 smart phones on my net work and if this happened all at once I'd be running around. Thanks for the help!

  9. I had the same problem, unticked the inbox in ActiveSync on the mobile and then checked it again. Re-synced and bingo!! It worked

  10. My Treo 700W has the error message. I went into Active sync, options, unchecked all the boxes, the message asked if i wanted to erase all of the messages in outlook and i checked yes. Then i resynced the unit and it worked.

  11. Did the same as zigzeg. I had a treo 700wx, unchecked inbox while configuring activesync. Synced. The checked the box again. No idea why it happened, but the emails synced fine afterwards.

  12. I have a Motorola Q. Unchecking check boxes fixes the issue. Go into Active Sync, press the Menu key, select Options. Uncheck E-Mail checkbox, press OK to remove all mail on your device. Synchronization should succeed. Go back into Options, put the check in the E-Mail checkbox and all should work fine again.

  13. Uncheck and Check works even now on Mobile 5