Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving from .text 0.95 to Blogger

My blogs are moving.

I have hosted my blogs for several years on a Virtual Server provided by They have an excellent service, great customer support and you get a "dedicated" Virtual Server running Windows Server for 12 euro a month is a great bargain.

So, why am I moving the blogs? The main reason is that I'm running out of space on the Virtual Server so I have to upgrade to the "professional" version which costs 30 euro. Still a decent price but paying 360 euro a year just to keep my old blogs alive doesn't make much sense so I have decided to move the blogs to blogger. Hosting a blog on Blogger is free and it offers a lot of features that are not present in .text

The main challenge is to keep the old deep links and images working. I think I have found a way to migrate everything using a combination of Blogger and Google App Engine. If all goes well there will be a series of articles about the move to Blogger and the old articles should show up here during the following weeks. Please let me know if you've already migrated from .text to Blogger and have tips to share.