Sunday, January 16, 2011

The first real motorcycle trip of the year

Thick fog in Milan, humid and cold this morning but I decided to trust the weather forecast that promised sunshine further north. Just above freezing until I hit the first hills and Lago di Segrino. Took a quick stop at Madonna del Ghisallo just to enjoy the warm weather (+10), blue sky and fantastic view.

The road up to San Primo was surprisingly good considering the time of year. Only found a few places close to the parking where the road was completely covered by ice.

Didn't stop for lunch at Rifugio Martina this time which is a shame as they have excellent food and a view of both the Lecco and Como branches of the Como lake.

View of San Primo close to the Rifugio Martina restaurant:

Headed down to Onno instead which offered a great view of Mandello del Lario, home town of Moto Guzzi