Thursday, January 13, 2005


Feature requests for .NET Compact Framework

Order your new features today for the next version on the .NET Compact Framework Team wish list.

My wish list:

  • Built in serial (and Bluetooth) support. I had to build my own classes for managing the serial port to get Bluetooth working so I could send/receive SMSs via a mobile phone.

  • Cross platform development. For my poSecrets password manager I use two solutions pointing to the same source. Using a single solution with conditional compiles could be one option.

  • COM support (should be there in 2.0). Using (mostly) Microsoft code it is possible to use Pocket Outlook from .NET CF 1.0 but it is not possible to use the Pocket Access databases without buying 3rd party software.

  • Better DataSet performance

  • Built in clipboard support (cut and paste in text controls etc) instead of having to implement clipboard support on .NET CF 1.0 using APIs.

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