Saturday, January 1, 2005


Adding the Click to Give link to a .TEXT blog

I found the the Amazon “Click to give“ code on Brian Sullivan's blog. I added his code in Skins\SkinName\Controls\CategoryList.ascx, before the <asp:Repeater tag, to get the link high on the page.





        <!-- Begin Amazon Honor System Paybox -->

            <img src=""



                  alt="Amazon Honor System">

                  <map name="T3MYIILZNTKFV2">

                        <area coords="40,100,160,160"

                              href="" alt="Click Here to Pay" target=_top>


                              coords="23,183,178,195" href="" alt="Learn More" target=_top>


            <!-- End Amazon Honor System Paybox -->





I followed up on my earlier promise and donated to the International Red Cross earlier today.

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