Wednesday, March 1, 2006


WMI code creator

WMI Code Creator is a great tool for exploring and working with Windows Management Instrumentation. Not only does it allow you to browse the name spaces but it also generates code in VBSCript, C# or VB.NET that you can use in your projects.  The download includes the full source code (~10.000 lines of C# code)

Using the tool, you can query for management information such as the name and version of an operating system, how much free disk space is on a hard drive, or the state of a service. You can also use the tool to execute a method from a WMI class to perform a management task. For example, you can create code that executes the Create method of the Win32_Process class to create a new process such as Notepad or another executable. The tool also allows you to generate code to receive event notifications using WMI. For example, you can select to receive an event every time a process is started or stopped, or when a computer shuts down.

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