Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Microsoft Action Pack Subscription

I learned about a Microsoft "program" I did not know of while attending a conference on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The Microsoft MAPS program for partners  is great news for consultants and trainers on Microsoft technologies. The Microsoft Action Pack Subscription gives you access to 25.000 euro worth of software licenses, including Office, Windows 2003 etc for 320 euro

The Microsoft Action Pack Subscription is a benefit that's available to Registered Members of the Microsoft Partner Program who promote Microsoft software or provide solutions based on Microsoft software and technologies to their customers.

Becoming a Registered Member is free and enrollment only takes a few minutes.

Your Action Pack Subscription entitles you to core internal-use software. You will be licensed to use this software for internal business purposes, application development, and testing.

What more can a consultant ask for? 320 euro for an "all you can eat" buffet of Microsoft software to study and learn play with the latest software updated quarterly.

The FAQ has more info.

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