Friday, March 24, 2006


How to run Macromedia Flash as "limited user" in Windows XP

I bought a PC from my ex colleague Marco earlier this week, so I have spent the last few nights configuring it to suit my needs. I configured it to use the standard "welcome screen" and "limited user" rights for the kids to keep it simple yet secure. It went pretty smooth apart from the program the kids use the most: Flash. They frequently visit WinxClub and Kinder but the flash based games they love refused to run. No "security warnings", just an ugly X where the flash game should be. Adding the sites to the “Trusted sites“ didn't work either.

RegMon came to the rescue again, and I found the problem: you have to change the security permissions on  Macromedia Flash in the registry to make it work in Internet Explorer (I have not tried with Firefox). The following steps fixed the problem for me:

  • Run regedit.exe

  • Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MacromediaFlashPaper.MacromediaFlashPaper\CLSID

  • The "(default)" value should be a guid like {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000}

  • Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000}

  • Right click the key {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000} and select “Permissions...“

  • Add the "Users" group (or the individual users you want) and give them read access

Believe it or not; this week was the first time in my life I used Windows XP. I have always used the server editions of Win2k and Win2k3 on my laptops for development work. I am sure there are a lot more "surprises" waiting for me...


  1. Thanks.

    A Bunch.

    I'm a UNIX developer. I didn't even *know* there were permissions in the registry now!

  2. Thanks a TON.... just performed that little hack on all the company laptops.