Thursday, November 17, 2005


Nokia 6630 Bluetooth virus; pw9w3ozl.sis?

I was in a shopping center in Milano when I received a file called pw9w3ozl.sis via Bluetooth:

I did not, of course, install the application on my Nokia 6630 but I am dying to know what the heck it is. Google and Google News returned 0 hits so I guess it is either something "customized" for Italy or a virus/trojan uses a random file name while replicating.

I have the file in the inbox on the phone but I have been unable to transfer it to my PC for further analysis. Any suggestions on how I can get the file off the phone without installing it, or what it is???


  1. dont worry dude...

    just have fe-explorer software and go to inbox in the main menu and just copy the file to any of the required folders on the memory card and just the n transfer into pc and do watever u want

  2. Hi Bro,

    My name is Prince.I am also using Nokia 6630.

    I m telling u the right solution.

    Remove ur memory card from ur fone.Press *#7370#

    Ur fone will ask for restart and will ask for security code.

    Enter that.

    Ur fone will lose every date which is in ur fone as well as virus.

    After restart ur fone will ask for ,"Choose ur home city"

    That's meaning,now ur fone is fine.

    After this go in the market and but "card reader"

    Connect this with ur PC and scan....with the good scanner.

    And that's finished.

    Insert ur card in ur fone and now ur fone is fine.

    If u will face any other problem so can contact on my no.



  3. how 2 install jad or jar files in my 6630 mobile

  4. installin jar files are easy

    just move them to ur mobile by pc siute or bluetooth

    then just click it

    it wil install

    you cannot install jad files