Tuesday, November 1, 2005


Web Service to send any message to any phone number in US/Canada

The PhoneNotify web service by cdyne is as useful as it is scary, since you can specify any caller id you want:

This Method will call any phone number in the US/Canada and read the TextToSay to that phone number.
Set VoiceID equal to 0 for TTS Diane to speak the Text. For a list of Voices with their ID look at getVoices. PhoneNumberToDial and CallerID must be filled in (They can be in any format as long as there is 10 digits).
A reminder about abuse: Threats and illegal activity can be shared with the authorities.
Use a LicenseKey of 0 for testing.

I do not have a phone in the US or Canada so I have not been able to test if actually works. Any volunteer testers?

Via API Blog

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