Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Sydney grows up and lifts the leg

Time flies and Sydney is growing up to be one big dog. For the first time this week he lifted the leg:

(sorry for the out of focus picture taken on a rainy morning).

I thought male dogs lifted the leg from the start but it turns out they only do it when the get older and wants to mark their territory. He is "calming down" a bit but the "downside" to growing up is that the walks take a lot longer as any smell is worth investigating. As all teenage boys he shows an increased interest for females. Sunday morning was the first time he "ran way". They gate stayed open since the previous night but he stayed inside until the female Labrador next door passed by on her -early- morning walk. What a way to wake up: the neighbor frantically pushing the doorbell.

Trust me; you would ring the bell when you see "the wolf" sneaking up on you as well:

(taken while picking chestnuts with my ladies earlier this autumn).

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