Wednesday, November 9, 2005


Installing Visual Studio.NET 2005 over an old beta

My upgrade to Visual Studio.NET 2005 went without problems

Ah, the sweet smell of success :-)

I am very glad to report that the Visual Studio.NET 2005 beta uninstall tool worked like a charm. I was worried before starting as my laptop has had several Visual Studio .NET 2005 betas installed. Other versions of Visual Studio (6.0, 2003, C++ embedded etc) are also installed on the same machine for various projects. The uninstall tool is a provided on a "best effort" basis by the Setup Team
A fresh install is always better, but this setup will have to do until my next major software release is out the door later this month.

See you at the Visual Studio 2005 launch in Milano tomorrow? I should be pretty easy to identify with this t-shirt :-)

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