Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Visual Studio 2005 Device Command Shell [v0.98]

The Device Command Shell (DCS) is a very useful tool if you do Pocket PC, aka Smart Device, development using Visual Studio 2005.

DCS is a Command Window addin that gives you command line access to the most common operations during PPC development: copy files, edit the registry, list/start/stop processes, install DLLs etc. The list of commands continues to grow with each release:
CE Batch
CE Certs
CE Config
CE Connect
CE Copy
CE CreateRegKey
CE CreateRegKeyValue
CE Del
CE DeleteRegKey
CE DeleteRegKeyValue
CE Depends
CE Get
CE GetRegKey
CE Help
CE Install
CE List
CE Ping
CE Query
CE RegSvr (new in 0.98)
CE SetPolicy
CE SetProxy
CE SetRegKey
CE Start
CE Stop
CE TList

You can download the Device Command Shell and documentation from my GotDotNet workspace. Set up the aliases above by performing these steps after installing DCS:

  • Bring up the command window: go to the "View" menu, select "Other Windows", then "Command Window”.

  • Enter the following command: DeviceCommandShell.Connect.DeviceCommandShell alias

I have one wish for DCS team: I hope they create a version that works 2003 as well. This thing is just too useful to have to wait for VS2005!

Via [Visual Studio For Devices]


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