Saturday, February 19, 2005


Coming down from my cotton cloud

It has been one long week with high fever 24x7, feeling like I was living in a world of cotton. Everything was slow and fluffy, including my speech. Not that I normally mind fever as it makes me sleep 24 hours a day. But walking around in a permanent state of confusion is not an option when you have to do something useful like watching the kids so I have pretty much lived on paracetamol, vitamins, water and the love of my family.

The fever is gone but some bugs took advantage of my condition to give me a nasty airway infection. A few days on antibiotics and I will be back in business.

I thought all the time relaxing doing nothing would give me plenty of time to think about new things to code and blog. No way: my brain was in no mood to do serious work. The few moments I was awake I spent looking out the window on the crew restoring a house next door and reading. After re-reading the same page in my Japanese course four times, I went back to no-brainer books and finished my current inventory:

I started reading the eBook Down and out in the magic kingdom by Cory Doctrow of BoingBoing fame. I loved the part I managed to read (until the main character has been restored after being killed in Disneyland). My copy of the eBook is corrupted so I hope there still is a free download on Cory Doctrow's site  when I get well enough to spend some time in front of a computer looking for it.

I have kept up with e-mail on my Pocket PC so I don't feel the call of the computer and the internet (yet).  I do feel guilty for not updating my blog, Cool Or What? and Crap And Crapability but I should be back in shape for posting after the weekend.

Thanks to my wife and kids for taking care of me and letting me rest as much as I have!

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