Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Process Explorer 9.0

What can I say: the Process Explorer from SysInternals is a great tool for understanding what is happening on a system. Version 9.0 has several new features:

  • System information dialog has per-CPU graph option with hyperthreaded and NUMA processor information

  • A Users menu duplicates the functionality of Task Manager's Users tab, showing Terminal Services session information and supporting logoff, disconnect, and sending messages

  • On XP SP2 and higher the TCP/IP tab displays the thread stack at the time an endpoint was opened

  • The tray icon context menu includes the shutdown menu
    Search engine option to use Google or MSN Search

  • Object address column is available for the handle view

  • Image signatures can be checked on-demand in the process properties dialog

  • Process explorer is digitally signed with Sysinternals' Verisign Class 3 signing certificate

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