Sunday, February 20, 2005


Scatole (boxes) exhibition

We went to see the Scatole (boxes) exhibition with the kids the weekend before I got sick. 

A bunch of boxes may not sound like a lot of fun but the kids enjoyed it. The exhibition is targeted at kids between 4 and 10 years. It is by reservation only and each session lasts about 75 minutes. The English description sounds more artistic than it is:

It presents a double aspect: a scientific one, the exploration of bidimensionality and tridimensionality, and a creative one, boxes are seen as containers to be explored or filled with ideas, wishes, secrets, and therefore they are to be imagined, built, decorated, and transformed.

The exhibition is open until 14 May 2005 at

Villa Ghirlanda
Cinisello Balsamo

Booking: 02.61 73 005
Scatole site

Muba also has a COLORS exhibition in Milano. We are going as soon as I am better.

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