Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Buying tickets online in Italy

I have bought many tickets through recently (U2 Milano, Mugello 2006, Mugello 2007, Misano 2007). But the purchase experience has always been slow and painful. This evening was the last drop when I tried to buy tickets for Bugs Bunny On Ice.

I ordered two adults and two kids and got a ticket assignments where the kids would sit on a separate row and with seat numbers far away me and my wife. I would have accepted the tickets asap if I hadn't used the company before. I hunted around for 1/2 hour on TicketOne and the event site of Bugs Bunny without finding a way to identify if the seats really were close or far from each other. I went through the whole purchase experience 4-5 times without finding tickets that reassured me.

By chance, I noticed a link to on the event site and followed the link.

Wow. What a difference; fast, easy to use and clear information. Not only does it work, but it shows you graphically which seats you have been assigned so you can verify that the seats are close together. On the first search I found 4 tickets next to each other on the 1st row for the show I wanted. It shows you the seat assignments and leaves you a few minutes to confirm the reservation. You then have 24 hours to pay via credit card, ATM etc. They did not have an option to ship the tickets but I don't mind showing up a bit earlier to pick up the tickets.

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