Monday, February 12, 2007


How to fix Motorola SLVR L7 problems on Win2k3 Server

I recently got a Motorola SLVR L7 at work to replace my broken Nokia 6630. My main reasons for getting it were the size (small and light) and the fact that it charges via a standard Mini USB cable just like my PDA. Finally only one cable and one charger to bring around. Motorola is not as good as Nokia when it comes to software but who cares as I only need it for SMS and making calls. Like the Nokia 6630 it synchronizes with my Outlook contacts. At least that was what I thought...

I tried transferring contacts via Bluetooth from my PC, via Bluetooth and MMS from Pocket PC, but the phone did not like the contact format. In the end I tried the Motorola Phone Tools but it does not work on Windows 2003 Server :-( It installed OK but neither the Bluetooth Setup Wizard nor the Cable connection recognizes the device. I tried all sorts of ways to make it detect the phone but either the Motorola Phone Tools crashed or it looked for wmmodems.dat that was nowhere to be found on the CD. I was about to give up and copy the contacts via the SIM when I found the solution in a support forum:

Copy Detect.inf and from the \MPT\Addons directory on the Motorola Phone Tools CD to  C:\Program Files\Motorola Phone Tools.

That's it. The next time I started it automatically recognized my device and synchronized my contacts.

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