Tuesday, February 6, 2007


.NET Micro Framework

When Compact is not Compact enough; try the .NET Micro Framework. It is targeted at small devices like smart watches and SideShow

The main difference from the other .NET versions is that .NET Microsoft Framework does not require Windows. It runs in a few few hundred kilobytes of RAM, and as little as 512K of flash memory and brings the benefits of the CLR to small devices:

  • Enables writing of simpler, more fail-safe code through built-in support for garbage collection and exception handling.

  • Protects against errant execution by supporting only “safe” IL instructions.

  • Allows straightforward support for new hardware with the ability to write device drivers in C# for hardware connected through standard interfaces, such as SPI, I2C, GPIO, and USART.

All developed in the familiar environment of Visual Studio. The whitepaper has more information on the development process.

I have had a lot of fun (and hard times) with .NET Compact Framework. I hope I can get hold of a smart watch or a device with SideShow and take .NET Micro Framework for a spin.

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