Sunday, January 29, 2006


poSecrets: Free password manager for Pocket PC and PC

poSecrets is a free password manager for the PC and Pocket PC.

Main features:

  • AES encryption of the entire file. There is no clear text data and no recovery of the password.
  • Same file format on the PC and Pocket PC version. The file can be synchronized with ActiveSync or transferred via mail, Bluetooth, SD Cards etc. 
  • Import/export csv/text data (5 columns; category, title, user, password, notes, url)
  • Auto Type user name and/or password in the currently active window. The Pocket PC version supports Auto Type as well. This is a great time saver as Pocket PC does not allow you to paste contents in password fields. I use strong random passwords and typing them in by hand was a major pain.
  • New in version 2.0: “Go to site“ function. It launches the default internet browser on both the Pocket PC and the PC with the entered url.
  • No installation required. Run it directly from a SD Card or an USB key.
  • Configurable generation of strong passwords

Download poSecrets for PC and Pocket PC. Current version: 2.0

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