Monday, January 9, 2006


How to use .net utility classes from VBSscript

Of Kings and Cabbage discovered the a feature I did not know about: several .net utility classes are registered in com so you can use them from clients like vbscript, javascript, asp, vb, …

Some of the classes accessible from COM are:

  • System.Collections.Queue

  • System.Collections.Stack

  • System.Collections.ArrayList

  • System.Collections.SortedList

  • System.Collections.Hashtable

  • System.IO.StringWriter

  • System.IO.MemoryStream

  • System.Text.StringBuilder

  • System.Random

Good to know the next time I have to put together a quick script or asp page. Imagine using System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendFormat() instead of formatting the strings by hand!

Marvels of COM .NET interop has more information on how to use the various methods.

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