Sunday, January 29, 2006


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Finding the latest version of source code and tools in my blog can be difficult so I have created a dedicated download area for my free tools. At the moment you can find the following:

  • poGmail: a Gmail notifier that supports multiple gmail accounts
  • poDialer: An application for Pocket PC Phone edition that lets you select a list of contacts to dial automatically
  • Socket Proxy Server: Proxy any socket over http/https with ASP.NET (full source code included)
  • COM+ call time tracker: monitor the com+ call times as you see them in the COM+ Admin console. Example client programs shows how to shut down components with high call times.
  • Pocket Outlook Wrapper: Complete wrapper for the Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) in .NET CF. Comes with full source code.
  • poSecrets: password manager for Pocket PC and PC that uses a shared database
  • poShoplist: a simple shopping list manager for the Pocket PC
  • poToday: A Getting Things Done task manager for the Pocket PC
  • SendKeys: C# source code for SendKeys on .NET Compact Framework (based on code from

I will update this page as I add more tools.

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