Tuesday, October 25, 2005


KPL: Kids Programming Language

The free Kids Programming Language development environment comes with a many fun programs, mostly games, that the kids can play around with and modify as they wish.  I learned programming by playing around with the examples that came with Turbo Pascal and I really believe in Learning by doing.  The working games with neat graphics and sounds is fun to play around with and tweak for kids of all ages.

Kid’s Programming Language (KPL) was designed and developed based on the principle that programming is fun - and that learning is best achieved when the learning material is fun, intuitive and interactive. KPL is composed of:

  • a readable and modular programming language

  • a kid-usable but functionally complete integrated development environment

  • a growing collection of entertaining and educational sample programs

  • an experience that enables and encourages kids' imagination, curiosity and creativity

We developed Kid’s Programming Language (KPL) as a way to teach our own kids how fun it is to write code, and KPL turned out so well that we are working hard to figure out how to also share it with as many other kids as we can. 

The language itself borrows a lot of the syntax from VB.NET with some elements from C#. The GUI looks like a simplified version of Visual Studio.NET (which makes it simpler for dad to give support :-)

Microsoft will promote the new programming language by Morrison Schwartz  to replace basic as the first language students learn.

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