Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Quake 3 Arena source code released

The full source code for Quake III Arena has been released under GPL. The 24MB package (when uncompressed)  comes with everything you need:

  • Quake III Arena source code ( renderer, game code, OS layer etc. )

  • Bot routes compiler source code

  • Retargetable C compiler ( produces assembly to be turned into qvm bytecode by q3asm )

  • Assembly to qvm bytecode compiler

  • Map compiler ( .map -> .bsp ) - this is the version that comes with Q3Radiant 200f

  • Q3Radiant map editor build 200f ( common/ and libs/ are support dirs for radiant )

Check the internet for spinof projects that tues the build environment and code for the various supported platforms: Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac.

I built it without problems using Visual Studio .NET 2003. The world of first person shooters has certainly moved on since I had a look at the graphics behind Caste Wolfenstein.

The source code for the older Quake versions can be downloaded from the idsoftware technology downloads site

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