Wednesday, October 12, 2005


How to add a Subscribe with Google Reader link to your blog

I have played around with Google Reader lately. I wanted to add a "subscribe with Google Reader" link to my blogs so I created a basic Google Reader subscription generator. Just enter the complete URL of you RSS feed and it generates the Google Reader subscription url:

I generated the "Sub | Google" button using the Button Maker by Adam Kalsey

Add the following to /blog/Skins/your skin/Controls/MyLinks.ascx if you have .TEXT




    NavigateUrl="Google Reader Subscription URL"


    Google Reader


Here is the complete source code for the Google Reader subscription generator:

<% Option Explicit

Dim blogURL

dim googleURL




      <h1>Google Reader subscription generator</h1>


      blogURL = Request("BlogUrl")

      if blogURL <> "" then

            googleURL = "" & _

                        Server.URLEncode(blogURL) & "/feed/" & blogURL



            The <a href="">Google Reader</a>

            subscription url for <b><%=blogURL%> is:</b><br/>

            <textarea cols="75" rows="2"><%=googleURL%></textarea>


            Example: <a href="<%=googleURL%>">

            <img src=""></a>





      Enter your entire RSS url in the field below to calculate the

<a href="">Google Reader</a>

subscription url.<br/>



      <form action="SubGoogleReader.asp">

      Blog RSS Feed <input type="text" name="BlogUrl" size="50"/><br/>

      <input type="submit" value="Calculate URL"/>



      end if




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