Thursday, May 26, 2005


Getting rid of the worst tasks on your to do list

I started reading “Getting Things Done” this month as an eBook on my Pocket PC. I completely agree with its main point: get the to do items of your mind as soon as possible and onto a trusted medium (i.e. the Pocket PC). I have done if for years (since I got my first PDA, a Palm Pro). It frees up the mind to work on more creative issues (a very important aspect if you are an architect) and in my case it makes me sleep better.

But, in the past I did two things wrong:

  1. Everything went into the to do list, even reference material that did not require any further action. As a result I passed 1.200 items in my task list :-(

  2. With a large to do list it is tempting to scan for the most “pleasant“ tasks to do

43 folders has some great tips for getting the worst items of your to do list that nicely complements Getting Things Done.

I tested it on some things that have been on my todo since Christmas. It wasn't fun to do the tasks, but it feels great to have them out of the way!

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