Friday, May 20, 2005


subText extends the life of .TEXT

It is great news that Phil Haack has forked the .TEXT code base and created subText and I cannot wait to try the first official release. I am sure Community Server is great, but I gave up upgrading and friends who have tried it went back to .TEXT. Several neat improvements are under development.

I had a look at the latest .TEXT code base when I got hit by comment spam earlier this year. It looks fairly different from the 0.95 version my site is currently running so I did not risk installing it. I ended up implementing a customized version of DB based .TEXT anti spam system using MT-blacklist..

There are several changes I will submit when I get around to explaining myself a bit better:

  • Built in, configurable, anti spam. The DB system I am using kills my poor MSDE. I have already improved the stored procedure but it can be made even smarter by only evaluating regular expressions when needed. It would be better to have support for anti spam in the front end though. Personally I don't see any need for anchors in comments. People may post URLs but they should not be rendered as anchors. People who want to follow the link can cut and paste but search engine crawlers will not follow them (I hope)

  • Fix broken links in RSS feeds in the source code instead of in the DB (either by default or by config)

  • Implement the missing hits/statistics page

  • Better "ping" support. At the moment it pings but there are tons more out there.


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  1. I will add my feature wish list and see if there are any issues I can work on.

    Thanks again Phil.