Monday, May 2, 2005


Rain dance required

I try to keep up to day with what the different vendors have to offer for developing mobile applications. I was hoping to check out the Extend your applications to mobile devices web cast by IBM but I it looks like I will have a hard time logging in as I am a bad dancer:

The contents look pretty interesting though, so I hope I pass the rain dance required login without a web cam:

Giving the mobile enterprise easy and immediate access to information and applications is the key to improving productivity of the mobile workforce. Using standards-based middleware, IBM enables application developers to easily build rich disconnected client applications while leveraging prior investments in J2EE and Eclipse skills and application architectures

IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition (WCTME) is an integrated platform that provides the runtimes and tools to extend enterprise applications to a broad range of client devices such as desktop computers, laptops systems, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other mobile and pervasive devices. By leveraging open standards and a new server managed client architecture which enables central management and provisioning of diverse clients, WCTME helps customers reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership.

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