Friday, November 26, 2004


A Password manager for my PC and Pocket PC

I always use strong passwords which means they are close to impossible to remember. I can store my 200+ passwords and other "secrets" encrypted on a my PC but I sometimes need them on my Pocket PC as well.

Password Safe meets most of my requirements:

  • It's free and comes with source code 

  • Pocket PC and PC version

  • Copy password to clipboard without displaying it

  • Auto paste/type in the PC version

  • Tray icon

  • Strong encryption

  • All data protected (i.e. there is no clear text data in the file) by a single master password

  • Simple and fast to use

  • Import text or csv

The latest PC version, 2.0.7, is perfect but it is not compatible with the latest Pocket PC version which is stuck at 1.9.2. The old 1.9.2 version for the PC is missing some of the must have features:

  • Tray icon

  • Auto type

  • Import (I am -not- retyping 200+ items)

So, the options are:

  • Update the open source Pocket PC version to 2.0.7

  • Write my own

The Pocket PC version is written in C++ using MFC which I haven't used in a while so it should be faster, and more interesting, to write one from scratch. So, I will implement my own password manager in .NET and post post code sniplets as I write the core parts of the application that may be interesting for other people as well:

  • Fast encrypted DataSets on the Pocket PC

  • Clipboard integration on the Pocket PC

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