Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Vodafone live! is live!

We just released the new version of vodafone live! in Italy. Some external systems, like the games download, are not up and running yet but the portal works like a charm.

It looks a bit boring as a static image but is a real beauty with some the latest devices like the Samsung Z107, SonyEricsson Z1010, Nokia 6630 that support animated images.



  1. Why dont you start vodafone Live in AFRICA Eg. In Kenya, so as we can purchase and download GAMES, Ringtones etc.

  2. Implementing vodafonelive, or a similar system, for the African market would be great!

    But I "only" work as an external consultant/architect on the Italian vodafonelive portal so I do not decide what vodafone will do. I am convinced that all the major mobile operators is looking at Africa as one of their future expansion markets though.

  3. please come to bermuda

  4. Even as a consultant, you can still make a good case for vodafonelive in Africa with Nigeria as one sure market outlet. Think of the over 150,000,000 people.

  5. 150,000,000 is 3 times the population of Italy (where I currently work)!

    What is the market for the latest generation phones? Most people I know have 2, or more, mobile phones; at least one for work and one for private calls.

    The latest mobile portals are very demanding in terms of network and device resources. I would expect services with lower resource demands like texting and voice to take of first, or have the African market already passed this stage?