Wednesday, November 3, 2004


Fast error code lookup

I usually use net helpmsg  to get quick info on error codes:

net helpmsg 5
Access is denied.

It works but not all the error codes are covered. It also wants the error message number in decimal whereas most programs return them as hex. The error code tool from Microsoft contains the error codes defined in the standard C include files (19871 return codes registered from 172 sources) and allows you to search by hex, decimal, name etc:

USAGE: err {value} [value] [value] ...
 where <value> must be of one of the following forms:
   1. decorated hex (0x54f)
   2. implicit hex  (54f)
   3. ambiguous     (1359)
   4. exact string  (=ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR)
   5. substring     (:INTERNAL_ERROR)

Added to my toolkit!

Via [FurryGoat]

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