Saturday, September 18, 2004


egilh project #8: DAO/RDO

What: DAO/RDO . Well, almost :-(
I got the job and went back to Dublin to celebrate with a few pints with the lads only to discover that the lawyers couldn't get me a work permit. 6 months more work experience and the job would have been mine...

When: mid 90s

Lessons learned:

  • I hate lawyers
  • First time on a 10 hour flight (BA business class via London Heathrow, 3 movies and great food/junk)
  • First time in the USA
  • First time driving a car with automatic gear
  • First jet lag
  • First, but not last, time on Microsoft campus
  • First time I had 7 job interviews for 1 job. (The future boss and 6 future colleagues)

I had great fun during the interviews. Some issues were pretty basic like create a C++ object representing a person but there were more fun ones;

  • You have X coins. One of them is heavier than the other ones. How many times do you have to weight them to find out which coin is the heaviest?
  • In the reception of the building I had my interview there were two stones  showing the current day (01..31) of the month. What is the minimal number of sides needed on each of the stones?
  • Philosophical discussion over atol(); how does it return errors and how would I return errors if I had designed the API
  • Discussing fast cars over a Mexican lunch

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