Friday, September 3, 2004


100 programs/projects I have worked on

KC Lemson, Shrini Kulkarni and Ron Richardsonare are blogging 100 things about themselves. Neat idea so here goes; 100 programs/projects I have worked on. To much stuff for one post so I'll split them in smaller groups. Larry Osterman is in a nostalgic mood as well, so I guess it is contagious.

egilh  project #1: Simple CRM

When:  mid 80s

What: Simple CRM solution implement in Turbo Pascal.

Lessons learned:

  • You can learn anything from reading the  Borland online help and their examples.
  • Pointers are VERY powerfull
  • You run out of memory if you allocate memory…
      unless you release the memory when yo don't need it anymore

The first version of the program worked as a charm on my PC (8086 with 640kb memory:-). It also worked a couple of times on the clients PC but it had to be rebooted after a while because it ran out of memory as  I allocated, but never released, the memory…

I learned my lesson of memory allocation then and haven’t forgotten it yet

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