Thursday, September 16, 2004


An even wetter Wednesday

The soft rain continued so we decided to go to Firenze. Long queues in front of the most famous museums like 'Galleria di Uffizi'. Or at least they looked long to me. I was told the can get many times longer during high season. Got a great view from piazza Michelangiolo, but all things considered I wasn't impressed with Firenze. It's a big town and the country side in Toscana has more to offer if you ask me. Guess I had too high expectations going there.

Nice places attract tourists which in turn attract illegal parking attendants (don't pay anybody, use the automatic ticket machines) and pick pockets (one backpack opened but nothing important stolen as the valuables were well hidden). I just can't help it: thieves bug me in a major way. The pick pockets reminded me of something I saw in an English TV series decades ago: a guy had fastened fish hooks inside his jacket pocket. Put the hand in the wrong pocket and you're stuck. Wonder if it is legal to go 'fishing' like this in Italy? Guess it's safer not to though: catch the wrong fish and you could wake up with the head of a horse in bed...

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