Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Free automatic contact dialer for the Pocket PC

I have just made the poDialer available in the download section.

poDialer is a very simple application that I wrote for some colleagues a while back. It lets you call many contacts after another. It integrates with the contacts in Pocket Outlook using the POOM .NET CF library to display the list of contacts with at least one phone number:

The POOM library makes it a snap to get the contacts:

const int LOAD_STEPS = 10;  // Number of updates/steps on the progress bar            
// Log in to Pocket Outlook
_pocketOutlook = new PocketOutlook.Application();

PocketOutlook.Contact contact;
PocketOutlook.ItemCollection allContacts = _pocketOutlook.GetDefaultFolder(
(int) FolderType.olFolderContacts).Items;
// Show progress bar
// Setting the progress for each contact is expensive if we have many contacts
so we only show LOAD_STEPS steps on the entire progressbar
progressLoad.Visible = true;
progressLoad.Minimum = 0;
progressLoad.Maximum = LOAD_STEPS ;
int loadFactor = allContacts.Count / LOAD_STEPS;
_contacts = new Contact[allContacts.Count];
int contactsWithNumber = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < allContacts.Count; i++)
    if (i % loadFactor == (LOAD_STEPS -1 )) progressLoad.Value++;               
    contact = (PocketOutlook.Contact) allContacts.Item(i + 1);    // 1 based
    // We add contacts with at least one phone number
    if (contact.BusinessTelephoneNumber.Length > 0 ||
        contact.MobileTelephoneNumber.Length > 0)
        _contacts[contactsWithNumber++] = contact;
// Log off from Pocket Outlook

The details of each contact is displayed and it lets you choose the number to dial (business or mobile).

Very basic with big buttons. It may be ugly but it is handy as you can control it with a finger instead of having to use a stylus. No need to install; just copy the .EXE and .DLL to the device or a SD Card.

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