Monday, October 16, 2006


Everyone wants our code

I have lost of how many sites wants to host our code;

Looks like the next battleground will be code search.

Google is catching up with others like Koders and CodeKeep that have been around for a while. But once again Google does what it does best; Google Code Search delivers relevant search results fast. Krugle, on the other hand, has a lot richer interface for viewing the code. Great if you are looking for information on how to use a particular API in context but I still prefer the speed and accuracy of Google. The results page are a bit spartan as you can only see a three lines of code which is pretty useless when you results like this;

// System.Net.CookieCollection

I found the result above while searching "CookieCollection" on the various code search engines as I am looking for Cookie and CookieCollection implementations for .NET Compact Framework. I have considered implementing a Gmail notifier for the Pocket PC  for a while but the lack of cookie support by .NET CF makes it a pain. I know, cookies are only HTTP headers, but the Gmail API makes heavy uses of the cookies so I have to make significant changes to the API. I tried the usual resources like which has come to the rescue several times in the past. But, but this time, the winner is Google Code Search as it found the Mono source code for System.Net.Cookie in the Gentoo distribution.

I also found the documentation I need on MSDN for writing Today Screens plugins in .NET CF so now the only thing I need is time.
Please let me know if you have any to sell :-)


  1. Find any time to work on the Gmail Notifier? I'd offer to help, but I have 0 .NET experience.


  2. At the moment I don't have a delivery date as I hit a limitation in .NET Compact Framework that requires a lot of coding to work around. The Gmail Pocket PC is a spare time project so I don't know when I have time to to finish it.

    I will keep you posted.