Friday, September 15, 2006


The Borland Turbo products are back

The Borland Turbo products are back, but with a twist; this time they are free. I used the Turbo products a lot for my first consulting jobs and when I studied. They were far superior to anything else on the market. But then I hit a nasty bug in the Turbo C++ compiler (wrong offset in a class v-table) and I had to "port" everything to Microsoft C++ 6.0. The Microsoft compiler was a lot slower and used an old & ugly DOS user interface but at least generated the correct code.

I have never tried Borland Delphi but I will give it a try now. Many developers claim it's the best thing there is for developing Win32 apps and I am curious to see how much it has evolved from Turbo Pascal 4.2. Talk about memories; I thought myself programming from the Turbo Pascal help files and examples. Try that with .NET and MSDN!

The Borland Turbo Explorer products are pretty much like the Microsoft Visual Studio Express products but with a more severe limitation; you can only install one Turbo Explorer product per machine. You can download the Turbo products on the Borland site.

Thanks for the tip Valerio!

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