Monday, August 28, 2006


Programmer's Bill of Rights

Jeff Atwood for president! I completely agree with his Programmer's Bill of Rights and I wish I worked in a place they were respected. Let's see how "compliant" I am:

  • Every programmer shall have two monitors: I wish! Then again; I cannot complain as I am one of the lucky few with a 17 inch monitor on my laptop.

  • Every programmer shall have a fast PC. It was fast 2 years ago… Having a fast PC is a must though. Waiting wastes the clients time and causes frustration (especially if you're not lucky enough to have a permanent place to make your home so you have toys to play with. Hm... If it was safe to leave anything more valuable than a chewing gum on the desk I could do some Lego NXT coding during lunch :-).

  • Every programmer shall have their choice of mouse and keyboard. Compliant! (I buy my own...)

  • Every programmer shall have a comfortable chair. Very important in the long run. I seriously hurt my back in the past because of a lousy chair combined with tons of overtime andlittle exercise. A double disk hernia is not fun at all. It took me years of pain & practice to get back in shape.

  • Every programmer shall have a fast internet connection: Sharing a 2Mbit line with 60 other people isn't what I would call fast.

  • Every programmer shall have quiet working conditions: Impossible with the people I share my office with :-)

One thing is missing from my point of view; Each developer should have access to a whiteboard. Discussing architectures/code/problems on a large whiteboard where persons can erase/add pieces is a lot more productive than scribbling on a piece of paper.

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  1. I completely agree with you and your seventh point even if I'm the cause of your missing the sixth point.

    I would add as a "nice to have" the presence of a projector that helps very much during the discussion of electonic documents preventing from doing multiple hard copies of those and letting everyone to follow the meeting on THE updated version.