Monday, February 27, 2006


CodeKeep Visual Studio 2005 plugin

I love the idea behind the CodeKeep. It lets you to search for, and publish, sniplets of code. I tried it last year but I was not too impressed. The latest version is a different story. CodeKeep (i.e. Dave Donaldson) has paid a lot of attention to community feedback. All my suggestions improvements have been implemented and several other features have been added.

  • It works on Visual Studio 2005

  • Search the source code as well as the title/description

  • View and provide feedback on published code

  • Browse the published code

The Visual Studio 2005 Add-in works with all versions of Visual Studio 2005, including Visual Studio Team Systems, and the search window is a lot simpler than the previous version:

Double click a sniplet to get the details

Other new features in the Visual Studio 2005 version:

  • Dockable tool windows for "My Snippets", "Browse Snippets", and "Search Snippets".

  • Drag & drop for "My Snippets", "Browse Snippets", and "Search Snippets"

Keep up the great work Dave!

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