Monday, August 22, 2005


Blog anniversary

1 year ago I finally took the leap and wrote my first posts. Initially I managed to meet my goal of 1 post per blog per day but I fell behind schedule at several times during the year. 517 posts in one in one year is not too bad though.

I never believed blogging would be so gratifying and fun:

  • CoolOrWhat: What can I say; I love gadgets and I am more like Dilbert than I like to admit. CoolOrWhat brings me more spam than the other blogs combined but also the most satisfying  moments; one comment and one e-mail from Scott Adams regarding my DRM battles… (duly backed up on read only media stored in separate countries :-)
  • gives me a chance to give something back to the net. There is a lot of information on the internet but once in a while you end up banging your head against the coffee machine in the middle of the night when google doesn't know the answer. I do my best to share hard learned experiences and I'm glad to see that most of my traffic comes from google searches for strange error messages.
  • traffic or vendors giving away my e-mail address to spammers. I removed the post regarding the spam as the CEO of the company discovered my post ASAP, found the guilty person and apologized via e-mail. I never realized a tiny blog could have so much power.

I am glad to see that the posts with the most hits are the posts that I had the most fun writing or that took a lot of effort to write:

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