Monday, August 1, 2005


Free Shareware Starter Kit

The free Shareware Starter Kit is a set of .NET 2.0 classes that manages the must have features for shareware applications:

  • Payment via PayPal

  • Product Activation

  • Product Registration

  • Event/Error Reporting

  • Product Feedback.

I will continue to give away the downloads on the site for free but the registration/feedback features are tempting. A scaled down version for the Pocket PC would be handy as well.

Via [Jeff Sandquist]


  1. You should check out the free hosted service for this at http:\\ . It makes it so you don't have to run or deploy the web service.

    what features would you find interesting for the Pocket PC?

  2. Thanks for the link Brian. The Shareware Starter Kit Service is a great service.

    The most important feature for the pocket PC is product activation. I don't expect people to register on the Pocket PC, so there must be a parallel process with a web site where the user can register, pay for the product and receive the key. The key can be entered manually on the Pocket PC, or via a PC helper app, to activate the product.

    I guess it is possible to build a web app on top of the existing web services but a finished package like The Shareware Starter Kit Service with an out of the box web site or a hosted service would be just fantastic.

    A multi threaded splash screen is not useful on the pocket PC but the feedback/error reporting is interesting